Oct 6

Charles Smith's statement

Statement Oct 6


Amanda Cousins's first statement

Statement Oct 6

Oct 7

Danny May's original statement

Statement Oct 7


Greg May's original statement

Statement Oct 7


Mary Burns Keighley's original statement

Statement Oct 7

Oct 25

Jackson's notes indicate he planed to get photos of Derik and David from the school


Oct 26

Parmajit Bhinder's original statement ( Taxi driver ) drove two males from ferry terminal to mall at 56th Street and 12th Avenue


Oct 31

Photographs obtained from school

Testimony volume1, page 33

Nov 6

Det. Jackson and Sgt. Tregear came to our house and gave all details of the crime scene


Nov 7

Parmjit Bhinder's police photo line-up id "#2 rings a bell."

Testimony volume1 page 30

Nov 8

Tika Sarbjit Cheema's original statement ( taxi Driver ) picked up two male at Diefenbaker Park, dropped one on 56th took one to ferry terminal.  The statement on top is dated November 8 and on the bottom dated October 8.

Statement Nov 8 

Nov 8

Danny May's police photo line-up id "#2 sort of looks like one, but his hair was longer." "#8 sort of looks like one, he had a crew cut as well."  Greg May identified to different photos

Statements Nov 8


Ralph Huenemann told us about face cloths over the women's faces.  He also told us his first wife was murdered and he was a suspect in her murder.


Nov 16

Amanda Cousins's second statement 6:00pm

Statement Nov 16


Amanda Cousins's third statement 6:30 pm

Statement Nov 16

Nov 27

Derik arrested in morning, David arrested after



Police say David Muir confessed at 8:30 pm.  No audio or video tape of this.


Nov 28

Amanda Cousins's forth statement starting at 22:30 pm, ended 2:30 am Nov 29.  First time she implicated Derik Lord and David Muir.

Statement Nov 28

Dec 6

Julie McClung's original statement

Statement Dec 6

Dec 7

Amanda Cousins's fifth statement

Statement Dec 7