Charles Smith's statement on October 6, 1990

Charles Smith's testimony during Darren Huenemann's trial

Charles Smith's story now

RCMP Sgt. LeRoy,  now Inspector LeRoy told numerous individuals he made a video tope of the crime scene and sent it along with his blood splatter analysis to the Delta Police.  This was confirmed by Department of Justice investigator, Mr. Allan Ferguson.  Now Inspector LeRoy as of March 14, 1996 has changed his story to he never made a video tape.  After so many years of saying he produced a video tape, who coerced him to change his story?  Was it direct coercion or simply a sense of police solidarity since Delta Police can't find it?

Amanda Cousins has seven different stories;

These stories differ greatly.  At least some are absolute lies which she swore at the time were the truth.  The truth for Amanda Cousins is what ever is convenient at the time. Amanda Cousins admitted in court she is a liar.  You chose which story is the truth.  Personally I think the first statement on October 6, 1990 is closes as it is unrehearsed.

First statement October 6, 1990
Second statement November 16, 1990 6:00 p.m.
Third statement November 16, 1990 6:30 p.m.
Fourth statement November 28, 1990 started at 22:30 ending November 29, 1990 at 3:15
Fifth statement December 7, 1990 15:00