Wilness statemeni of Amanda Rae COUSINS, (d.o.b. 73.09.04)
 This statement is written by Detective L T. Beaudoin as told by
Amanda COUSINS. Statement taken on November 28, 1990 at 22:30 hours.

Near the end of June, 1990, on the last day of school, Darren HUENEMANN called me at home. It was a friendly conversation and we just got to know each other.  After that call Darren sent me some stuff; roses, a note and some cinnamon and incense. During July we began to know each other a bit better and a relationship was developing.  During this time period he basically confided in me that he was going to have to kill his mother and grandmother. He said he would never do it himself.  I thought that he was joking.  It would be like talking about blowing up the school.  You could talk about it but never ever do it.

It was about this time that every time he called me he would talk about this.  It seemed the story progressed with more and more details every time we talked.  It seemed to me that it was becoming a great big joking game.  Eventually he had discussed several plans with me.  One of the plans was that he would get Derrik LORD and David MUIR to become robbers.  Darren was to go out for the evening, leave the alarm off and Derrik and Dave would go in and shoot his mother, Sharon HUENEMANN, his father, Ralph HUENEMANN and his grandmother, Doris LEATHERBARROW.  Darren was supposed to come home during this. The plan was then that Darren would be gassed unconscious.  After that he would wake up and call the police.  Another plan was to blow up the house while all three of them were in it.  This would kill them allso Darren could inherit the money.
This all occurred during August and about the first half of September, 1990.  He also told me about plans they all had afterwards.  He said that Derrik was going to get a house in Sooke where he was going to train to be Darren's personal bodyguard.  At first Dave was going to live in Darren's house with him but he wanted a hundred acres at an undecided location.  This changed because Dave had said something to Derrik Lord that Darren felt was treasonous.  Darren then confided in me that they might have to kill Dave.  This was shortly after the 21st September, 1990. Apparently Dave and Derrik went over looking for Mrs. Leatherbarrow's house in Tsawwassen. They couldn't find the house and while walking around Dave said to Derrik that he was mad at Darren for giving them the wrong directions.  Derrik later told Darren about this conversation and Darren became angry.  He said it was treasonous of Dave to doubt him.

Q - Beaudoin


Q:  Concerning September21, 1990, did you go down to the Swar'z Bay ferry terminal with Darren Huenemaim to pick up Dave Muir and Derrik lord?

A:  Yes. I think it was about 8:30 at night. Darren and I drove down.  When we arrived Derrik and Dave were standing there waiting for us.  We had been a little bit late.  They quickly hopped into the back seat.  They both talked about the ferry ride back.  They spoke about the cab ride they had both taken to and from Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal.  Darren asked them if his mother had seen them on the ferry during the ride back.  They said no. Both Derrik and David were very hyper.  Darren was angry. We then drove to Derrik's house and Darren, Derrik and Dave went into Derrik's house, leaving me in the car along.  I was upset because I though they were talking about sornething they did not want me to hear...because I was a girl.  This was also very uncharacteristic of Darren's behaviour.  They were in the house for about ten minutes then returned outside.  They stayed outside the vehicle and talked.  I heard them discussing a time when Darren could call them during the next day.  I really wasn't paying attention to where they were when Derrik lord came up beside me.  He had been playing with a pocket knife he carries when he quickly flipped the blade to my throat with the dull side against my skin.  This startled me.  I looked up at him.  He just looked at me and gave me his little smile.  He then pulled the knife away.  He then placed it in his pocket.  Darren then got into the car and we drove away toward his house. While enroute I asked him, "What's wrong?"  He appeared very, very angry and said, "YOU KNOW WHAT THEY WERE DOING TONIGHT."  I said, "Not really". He then told me that "this was the night".  I said, "You mean that they were going over there to  ".  He said, "YEAH'.  He then said, "BUT THE IDIOTS COULDN'T FIND THE HOUSE".  He then went on for about an hour and a half that he couldn't believe they couldn't find the house.  That they were idiots, it was such a simple thing.  He asked me if I felt that maybe they just didn't want to do it.  That was the reason they couldn't find the house.  I said, "It's a strong possibility".  I said "It's really quite possible they really don't want to do it."  Darren said no way, they are really excited about doing it and that they were disappointed they couldn't find the house.  He also said this was the perfect weekend for it as his grandmother was going away on a trip and that bis mother was there, too.
He said that the next opportunity would not be for another two weeks.

Q:  When you and Darren picked up David Muir and Derrik Lord at the Swartz Bay Terminal, were either carrying a bag or knapsack?

A:  Yes, Dave had a knapsack. I think it was gray.

Q:  Did he open it or comment on the bag's contents?

A:  No.

Q:  Continue Amanda.

A:  Okay, Darren and I drove all around. Somewhere in Oak Bay.  We continued talking basically about Dave and Derrik as I have mentioned before.  We then went to Darren's house as I recall seeing his mom.  I was upset when I saw her and thought about what I should do.  I considered going to the police but I didn't believe it was going to happem I was also very scared.  Darren offered me tea and we went to the TV room.  His mother and father went to bed.  We talked.  He asked me howl felt seeing his mother.  I told him very uncomfortable.  He said, "WELL, DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT.  YOU WON'T BE INVOLVED IN IT.  IT JUST HAS TO BE DONE". We talked flirther but I don't remember what it was about. He then took me home.

Q:  What time did you get in?

A:  About 1 a.m.

Q:  Then what happened?

A:   He didn't talk to me about the murders nearly as much as before.  He didn't call me every night either.  It seemed our relationship eased.  We were not as close as before.  He seemed that when I did talk to him there was something he wasn't telling me about.  I find him very easy to read and I feel I know him better than anyone else.  There was definitely something being withheld.

Then on about Monday or Tuesday before the murders he asked me if I would go out with him on that Friday, Friday the 5th, because "it" was going to happen that night.  I agreed to see him because I believed it was not going to happen ....ever.  That it was all a game, a joke he was playing with everyone.

Throughout the week he made comments like "no more worries after this Friday".  That I (Darren) would be very wealthy.  I also asked him that if I went to the police and told them that his mother and grandmother were going to be murdered on Friday, what would he do? He replied, "IF
YOUR GOING TO DO THAT, TELL ME FIRST SO I CAN STOP IT".  I asked what if I didn't tell him in advance.  He told me that nothing would happen to Dave, Derrik or himself because there would be no evidence.  We had a very lengthy conversation about this.  I was concerned about what he would do to me under certain circumstances.  For example.   If the three of them got arrested and put in jail, Derrik and Dave would eventually get out because they are young offenders.   They would come and find me and he would have me stuffed.   He always joked about having me stuffed and sitting in a chair in his new house he would buy after the murder.

This conversation concerned me.  I felt if he was capable of murdering his grandmother and mother he would easily be capable of murdering me.

Q.  What else did he say?

A.  I just gave situations and he would say they would never be able to prove it to anyone.   On Thursday,  Oct 4, 1990  he called me during the evening and said are you ready for tomorrow.   I told him not really.   I was getting concerned something might happen.

Q.  Had Dave or Derrik talked to you after school or during school about any of this.  At any time.

A.  No.   They rarely spoke to me other than a say hello.  During the week he told me that he had bought crowbars for Derrik and Dave.

Q.  How about knives or gloves.

A.  Gloves yes.   Knives to be used were going to be steak knives from the house.  On Thursday he had instructed me to tell anyone, especially the police that he had taken Derrik and Dave downtown.  That was all I was told at that time.

On Friday I did not go to school until the last class.  I saw Darren after school at 2:00 p.m.  I did not talk to him.  He then left.  I went downtown after school and went shopping at A&B Sound and the Seed of Life store.  I was home by 3:30 p.m.  Darren called me about 4 p.m.  He wanted to remind me he was picking me up at 6:30 p.m.  He told me, "THEY ARE ON THEIR WAY". He said he had dropped them off at the ferry in time for the 3 p.m. sailing.

Darren Huenemann arrived at my house at 6:30- p.m.  We drove to his house.  We got gas at the Payless Gas Station in Cadboro Bay.  We went to his house.  He said, "IT'S DONE BY NOW". He then began wondering if they had done it.  He told me we will wait for them to call.  Then we will go and pick them up.  His father arrived home at about 7:10 p.m.  We mostly sat around and drank ice tea.  Darren was extremely nervous.  We received a call from his neighbours.  He quickly grabbed the phone.  When he got off the phone he commented it was his neighbours asking about some rocks.  Darren then went downstairs to talk to his father.  He took the cordless phone with him.  I stayed upstairs watching TV.  It was about eight o'clock as the show Night Court had just ended.  Darren came upstairs and said that was them.  Tasked what was them.  He told me Derrik and Dave had just called.  They wanted us to pick them up downtown.

Darren then told his father that we were going downtown to pick up Derrik and Dave. His father said that doesn't come as a big surprise because that's been the plan for the past hour.  I think he had kept telling his father that he was going to pickup Dave and Derrik.  Darren went into another room to get jackets.  He was gone for about 3 rninutes.  I talked to his dad.  We then left.

Q:  What did he say on the way?

A:  He kept asking me if I thought they had done it.  I said I really didn't know.  But I hope not.  He said, "OH NO, I HOPE THEY DID DO IT".  We drove straight to the ferry terminal.  I forgot something..... He had called the ferry terminal as they had not called.  He asked if the 7 o'clock ferry was late.  They said Yeah it was late.

We arrived at about 10 minutes after 9.  We had to wait for Dave Muir and Derrik Lord to meet us.  We sat in the car and waited.  Darren finally got out of the ear.  He went to the outside parking area so they could see him.  Derrik and Dave finally arrived.  They got into the back seat.

Q:  Were they excited?

A:   Dave was excited.  Derrik was calm. We began driving.  Darren asked, "HOW DID IT GO?"
Dave said, "OH, IT WENT FINE."  Darren asked, "SO IT'S DONE ThEN?"  Darren(as written in the transcript) answers, "YES, DARREN, IT'S DONE". He seemed very agitated.  Darren asked, "WHAT HAPPENED?"  Someone, Dave or Derrik, said What do you mean?  Darren said, "DID YOU HAVE ANY TROUBLE FINDING THE HOUSE?"  Dave answered, "YEAH, A LITTLE BIT BECAUSE ThE STREETS ARE SO WEIRD IN TSAWWASSEN".

One of them said, Mrs. Huenemann answered the door and was surprised to see them but invited them in anyway.  They said they were in Tsawwassen to see Derrik's Dad and decided to drop by because they had the address from Darren.  As both were talking about this it is hard for me to recall who said what.  I do remember Dave spoke about the excuse for being in Tsawwassen. Dave said they were invited in by Mrs. Huenemann into the living room.  He said Mrs. Huenemann and Mrs. Leatherbarrow were being very nice to them.  Derrik said, "YEAH, THEY EVEN OFFERED US LASAGNA". Dave said, "YEAH, DARREN, ThEY WERE EVEN GOING TO DRIVE US HOME".  He then laughed.



He said they pulled the crowbars out of the bag and Derrik was holding his behind his leg. Dave said, "I WAS HOLDING MINE ON MY LAP.  It I think it was Dave who said Mrs. Huenemann came back into the room and they walked up to them.  Derrik hit Mrs. Huenemann while Dave hit Mrs. Leatberbarrow with the crowbars.


Darren asked them if they fought back.

Derrik said Mrs. Huenemanti wouldn't die.  He hit her.  She was lying on the floor asking why are you doing this?  He said he had to cut her jugular vein.  It took him a while to find it.
Derrik said that when he cut her jugular some blood squirted.
Darren asked, "ON YOUR JACKET?"
Dave said he didn't care.  He would be able to buy a new pair soon.
Derrik didn't want to burn his jacket as his mother would know it was missing.
Derrik mentioned again what Mrs. Huenemann had said.
Both answered at the same time, "YES, DARREN, THEY WERE."
Darren asked if they had gotten rid of the crowbar and the gloves.
Derrik said he dropped the stuff over the side of the ferry in the bag.
Dave said, "YEAH, IT HIT THE SIDE."  He again laughed.
Darren asked if it had sunk?

Q:  Amanda, did Dave or Derrik mention anything about Mrs. Huenemann or Mrs. leatherbarrow looking at them while they lay unconscious?

A:  Yes. They said they took towels and put them over there face so they wouldn't look at them and they stabbed them near their face.

Q:  Did they say anything about having a problem killing them?

A:   Derrik said he had a problem killing Mrs. Huenemann.

Q:  How about Dave?

A:  He said he had no problem.! put a one inch hold in her head and she was down.

Q:  Did they steal anything?

A:  They said they couldn't find any money under the stove. But there was money taken from both of the women's purses.

Q:  How much money?

A:  I don't know. A lot, well over a thousand dollars.

Q:  Were you given anything by Dave or Derrik on this particular night?

A: Yes. Derrik gave me a box of chocolate covered almonds.

Q:  Where is it now?

A:  It's gone.  I threw it in the garbage after mom and I ate them.

Q:  Any money given to you on that night?

A:  No.  No way.

Q:  Did you see the money?

A:  Yeah, they counted the money and divided it up.  I didn't get any and I didn't want any.

Q:  Did they mention anything about a key?

A:  Yes. The key. Darren told them the key was under the wood pile or it was very close to the wood pile. They said that they dropped this key in the room where the bodies were.

Q:  Did they say how they left the house?

A:  They said they opened up drawers and made a mess to make it look like a burglary. They said they toppled some chairs.

Q:  How did they leave?

A:  I know but I can't remember right now.

Q:  Did they think they were seen?

A:  No, they didn't think anyone saw them

Q:  How did they get to the ferry terminal in Tsawwassen?

A:  They walked to the town.  There they called a cab.

Q:  Is there anything else?

A.  They left by the back door to get the key.

Q:  What was David Muir wearing on the night of the murder?

A:  He was wearing jeans and tee shirt.  I think it was a dark one.  He wore his light blue Jean jacket and white runners.  I'm not 100% sure on the runners.

Q:  How about Derrik Lord?

A:  Derrick word (in transcript) a white tee shirt.  It is the only time I ever saw him wear a white tee shirt.  He also wore light blue jeans and a jacket.  However, I'm not sure what type.

Q:  Did Darren appear happy it had finally occurred?

A:  No.  He actually seemed to regret it.  He mentioned it was his mother and grandmother.  His mother had nurtured him for 18 years.  He said this about 2 or 3 times.  This was while we drove.

Q:  While you drove with Dave and Derrik how was Dave reacting?

A:  He was very exdted. He seemed absolutely thrilled it had happened.
Q:  What about Derrik Lord?

A:  He was very quiet and obviously upset about it.  If you asked him, how are you doing he would reply, "I'M STILL ALIVE."

Q:  Then what happens?

A:  We had to drop off Dave first because he was late.  I don't know where we dropped him off but it may have been on a street by his house.  We then drove around with Derrik for awhile.

Q:  Did they discuss the murder?

A:   Darren asked Derrik if Dave was alright and how he had reacted afterward.  Derrik said he was totally fine and that he seemed proud of it.

Q:  What happened next?

A:  We dropped Derrik off at his house and then Darren drove me home.  Which was about 10:30 p.m.

Q:    How did you feel?

A:   I felt frightened, guilty and very confused.

Q:   Did Darren call you?

A:  Yes, at about 10:30 in the morning.  He said I'm not supposed to be talking to you right now. The police are here and that his mother and grandmother were dead.  He then called again.  He told me they had to go over to Tsawwssen.  Foul play was suspected.  He told me to call Derrik and Dave and tell them not to call him.  He said the poilce would probably be questioning you sometime soon.   I called Dave and advised him not to call Darren.   I couldn't get in touch with Derrik.  Darren told me later that he got in touch with Derrik.

Q:  Did Darren Huenemann coach you to given an alibi for Dave Muir, Derrik Lord and himself for October 5, 1990?

A:  Yes. On October 5, 1990 he told the three of us the alibi was to be that I (Amanda) went downtown with the three of them and saw Derrik and Dave dropped off in Chinatown.  I was to say Derrik and Dave were downtown shopping and hanging out.  This was between 2p.m.- 9 p.m. I was to stick to that story no matter what.  He actually had us, all of us, swear an oath.

Q:  What kind of oath?

A:  That we were never to reveal what happened.  We had to place our right hands in the air and say I.   Derrik said, "I COMMANDER".

Q:  Did he contact you to give you any advise on what to say or do?

A:  Yeah, he called me every night.  He always talked about the case but he never gave me any new lies or anything to say.  He eventually wanted me to get a lawyer and he offered to pay for my lawyer.  He said he had to protect me.

Q:   From what?

A:   The police.

Q:  Was he mad that you changed your statement to Detective Jackson?

A:  Yes. But he said don't worry about it. It was just a mistake. He did talk to me after you guys talked to Dave. He told me Dave had been positively identified by a cab driver and being on the ferry.  He said Dave told the police he was picking up a package.

Q:  Is there anything you would like to add, Amanda?

A:  Yes, I felt I had no place to turn.  I couldn't believe this happened and I had nobody I could talk to about this.  I was very confused.

Q:  Is the above written statement true and accurate to the best of your knowledge?

A:  Yes.


Witnessed: Det. L T. Beaudoin 02:30, 90.11.29

Signature of: Sara Jo COUSINS
Read over and concluded at 03:15 hours
typed as written