Witness statement of Amanda COUSINS (73.09.04) taken by Det. L T. Beaudoin as
told by Amauda Cousins, 1500 hours, 07.Dec.90

On October 5, 1990, I was at Darren Huenemann's house at Gibson Court.  We were sitting in the TV room.  Darren was acting very very nervous.  When he went over and picked up a deck of tarot cards.  He brought them over to me and said; why don't we do your reading.  He then asked me if I wanted to and I said yes.  He then laid out the black velvet cloth. He had me shuffle the cards and then he laid them out.  He then read the significants of the cards to me and stated That there was a secret I had that would cause me a lot of trouble.  That I was going to be greedy in the future.  Basically my future was going to be horrible with a lot of problems.  He told me my past was very troubled and that in the present I was in a state of confusion.  He told me not to worry because he would help me make up my mind.  He then said; now for mine.  He shuffled the deck and read his own tarot cards.  He told me that the future would hold material gain and power and that the present held many problems to obtain that material gain and power.  He was very nervous and excited when he was reading his own.

Q = Beaudoin

A = Amanda Cousins

Q:  Did he read the cards before or after the phone call from Dave or Derik from the ferry?

A:  He read the cards before Dave called from the ferry.

Q:  What time approx did this event take place?

A:  About 7:00 p.m. (5.10.90)

Q:  Can you tell me about Darren's plan to have Dave Muir killed?

A:   Prior to Mrs. Huenemann's murder Darren told me that Derik had told him that Dave Muir had said something very bad.  I said; what was that.  He said; while Derik and Dave were in Tsawwassen looking for the grandmother's house and they couldn't find it, Dave turned to Derik and told him he was angry with him for giving them the wrong instructions on how to get to Mrs. Leatherbarrow's house.  I said; and Darren said; well that's very bad.  It's treason.  I said; Oh. Darren said; I think we might have to get rid of little Davey boy.  I asked him; Why?  He said; because the penalty for treason is death.  He then added "except you".  But if you don't want to have to worry about it don't commit treason.  He then told me that about three or four months after the murders occur.  He was going to have Derik at his house.  He would then call Dave and arrange to pick him up.  He was going to tell Dave not to tell anyone where he was gomg because Darren would still be in mourning.  He was going to ask Dave to get in the trunk because he couldn't be seen with him.  Once Dave was in the trunk, Darren Derik and Dave would go back to Darren's house.  Darren would then tell Dave to put chains on his wrists and ankles.  He would say; see if you can get out of these.  Derik already has, while Dave was chained up they would inject an air bubble into his blood stream.  He said he didn't know what to do with the body at that point.
About a week later he called me and told me he had found a place to put Dave's body.  He said he and Derik had found a dumpster behind Q.A. which was in a dark area and was not picked up very often.

Q:  Where is QA?

A:  It's down by Cadboro Bay and I think it's a mental institute.  He said he would then canoe out in the ocean and drop off the chains and needle.  This was one consideration.  Darren had also told me that if Dave and Derik were ever caught he and Derik had agreed to kill Dave.  The plan was for Derik to kill Dave.  He added Derik would not be able to take the strain of jail so he would kill himself.  After that there wouldn't be any problem as nobody could testify against him.  He also added that Derik may have a problem killing Dave because they are such good friends.  However, Darren felt he could convince Derik to kill Dave because he would realize it was for the good of the empire.

Q:  Is this statement true to the best of your knowledge?

A:  Yes.

End 1545 hours,7.12.90

Signed: Amanda COUSINS

Det. L. T. Beaudoin

typed as written