Darren Huenemann - most agree Darren knew how his mother's and grandmother's wills read. He was well aware that he wasn't entitled to anything until he was 25 years old. There was no motive.

Derik Lord - Derik was earning his own money and had been since he was 13. A hard working kid who showed no greed.

David Muir - David had everything he wanted. Why kill?

Amanda Cousins - Was told by the police ( police admitted in court ) that she was about to be charged as an accessory. She knew enough about the crime she could piece things together in a convincing manner. ( Darren had all the information the police had ) How do I know this? Because on November 6, 1990, when Tregear and Jackson came to our home, they told my wife and I every single detail of the crime scene, from the use of rubber gloves, kitchen knives were used, size 10 foot print, both women were hit with iron bars, both had their throats cut, money was taken, traveler's cheques were taken, looked like no jewelry was taken, purses were dumped out, the house key from outside was found inside, there were four pieces of lasagna, there were beets in a pot on the stove, another pot on the stove had beans, the room was very hot and therefore the time of death was very difficult to determine. They said there was one unusual thing about the scene that they were keeping secret. Two days later at the Huenemann home, Ralph told me that the thing that was unusual was the cloths over the faces of the women. She must now stick to the story, or be charged with perjury. As Mr. Firestone said, it is a fish story which grows with each telling.

As further proof of where Amanda got the information, Amanda said that David Muir, on the trip home from the ferry, said that he put a one inch hole in granny's head. David and everyone for three years previous have been taught in school in the metric system and only the metric system. If he was to have said anything to his peer group, it would have been, " I put a 2- 1/2 cm hole in granny's head." This 1 inch hole comment came from someone older than these kids.

Amanda said Derik told them that Mrs. Huenemann was looking up at him and saying "Why are you doing this?", if this was true then why didn't she defend herself. She had no skin or hair under her nails. Autopsy report 90-A-622 states body B ( Mrs. Huenemann ) died of "blunt force head injury", which indicates that she was dead or gravely unconscious from the blows to the head. Why did the police not audio tape or video tape Amanda's statements? We will never know how much they told her or how she changed her story as the night progressed. How convenient to only have the written statement of November 28, 1990, all neat and clean. This statement was taken after the arrests of Derik and David, therefore, all the more need to have this statement at the least audio taped.